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About Developers International

Developers International is dedicated to assisting project directors, developers, shareholders, consultants, planners, managers and other stakeholders in the leisure, tourism, entertainment and construction industries by connecting the stakeholders with industry-leading financiers, developers, consultants and other professionals in order to achieve project objectives and attain project fulfillment.

In alliance with our associates, we provide international project finance for the leisure, tourism and entertainment and construction industries. Our associates have financed and developed leisure and construction projects in almost 60 countries and in the process have raised and invested over two billion US dollars in international project finance.

As international project financiers, we believe we are global leaders in facilitating project finance for the international leisure, tourist, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Our senior personnel are extremely experienced with twenty-five years experience of leisure industry international project funding and development.

We have permanent representation in a number of territories worldwide including: the People's Republic of China, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, the Philippines, Russia and the United States of America.

To see a list of some of the types of projects that we can assist with, please read our International Projects page.

To see a list of some of the territories in which we or our associates operate, please read our International Project Territories page.


Representative contact

Our representatives NEVER cold-call or approach potential clients as they are strictly forbidden by us from doing so.

We only consider projects where the initial approach has been made directly to us by the potential client. Where appropriate, we will put you in contact with our representative.

If you have not contacted us previously but you have been approached by someone claiming to be our representative, you can be certain that person is NOT a representative of Developers International.


Representative email addresses

So that you can be certain that a representative is working for us he will only use an email address.

Our representatives NEVER use hotmail, gmail, outlook, yahoo or ymail email addresses or ANY other email address for ANY reason whatsoever.

Anyone who uses an email address which is NOT is NOT a representative of Developers International.


Representative payment

Our representatives are paid by us and NEVER by you. Our representatives receive their remuneration directly from us at the time that finance is placed with the project.

Our representatives are strictly forbidden to request or accept fees or payment from you. There are NO circumstances in which we permit this.

Anyone asking you for fees or payment is NOT a representative of Developers International.

You are very strongly advised never to make any payment to anyone claiming to represent Developers International.


Representative Verification

For your own protection, if you are in contact with someone claiming to represent Developers International, you should undertake our representative verification procedure.

On initial contact, and before any discussion takes place, our representative will ask you to send a representative verification request email to us at:

Your email should give the representative's name, contact information and a code phrase which he will give you. You should put 'Representative Verification Request' in the subject header of the email.

Upon receipt of your representative verification request email we will contact you to confirm that the individual concerned is a representative of Developers International.

You should only send your representative verification request email to and not to any other email address as verification of representatives is performed only through this email address.

The representative verification procedure is performed by email and not by telephone, post, or by any other means.

Anyone who fails to inform you of, or ask you to undertake, the representative verification procedure, or who asks you to send a representative verification request to any other email address, is NOT a representative of Developers International.

Please do not send any other communications to


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