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Leisure Project Finance

In alliance with our associates, we believe we are global leaders in providing leisure project finance for the tourism, hospitality, construction and entertainment industries.

Over the last two decades our associates, who are among the leisure industry's leading financiers and who specialize in providing international project finance in the form of equity and loans for the leisure industry, have raised over two billion US dollars ($2,000,000,000) in investment capital for tourism and leisure projects in almost 60 countries worldwide.

To be considered for financing, a project should usually exhibit at least one unique selling proposition. In those cases where a project will be operating in an environment where its market is shared with one or more competitors, rather than enjoying a dominant market position, the project should usually have two or more unique selling propositions.

In addition to having one or more unique selling propositions, a project must be able to demonstrate that it can operate without external financial support and it must be able to demonstrate an acceptable internal rate of return. If we determine that a proposed project cannot meet these financial targets, we generally conclude that it does not warrant development.

Neither we nor our associates charge up-front finance finder or finance introduction fees, we are strictly success-fee based.

When we make an offer of finance to a client, the client is entirely free to accept or decline the terms of the finance offer. There is no penalty for declining the offer. If the client chooses to accept the finance offer we are paid a success fee determined as a percentage of the project finance we provide. If the client chooses to decline the finance offer, the client owes us nothing. We regard our terms as being highly competitive.

For most of the projects for which we provide finance, we also research and compile the marketing feasibility study, financial feasibility study, business plan, development budget, architectural master plan, environmental impact assessment, social impact assessment, information technology review and we perform the appropriate due diligence procedures.

Project financiers are no longer prepared to consider projects based on financial forecasts by accountants who have never developed, operated or owned a leisure or tourist industry business and who have little or no experience of leisure industry projects. This is due to a number of project failures in the leisure and tourist industries where the projects, when operational, failed to achieve their model predictions.

By contrast, as experienced international project developers, our financial feasibility studies and cash flow projections are based on cash flow models derived from twenty-five years of experience of leisure project development, ownership, management and operation, not on unsupported assumptions.

We also finance construction and residential projects and engage in joint ventures.

If you would like to inquire into the possibility of raising finance for your project through Developers International please go to our International Project Finance Assessment page, complete and submit the brief online form and we will get back to you with our response as soon as we have considered the information you have provided. We typically respond within one working day.

To see a list of some of the types of projects with which we can help you, please see our International Projects page.

To see a list of some of the territories where we may be able to assist you, please see our International Project Territories page.

Please note that we do not provide finance for projects valued at less than five million US dollars ($5,000,000).


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